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Assets of Community Value

Campaigning for ACV for Heathcote ArmsWell run pubs play a pivotal role in local communities, but are increasingly under threat of demolition or being converted to another use by large developers with 29 pubs closing every week.

As a pub lover and local campaigner, your first step to saving a pub from this fate is to list it as an 'Asset of Community Value'. You can do this even before a pub is under threat, which will give the pub added protection under planning law. Please note that ACV listings only apply to pubs across England.

Westmorland Camra currently has just one pub registered as an asset of community value (ACV) with South Lakeland District Council. However, we are in the process of adding The Castle Inn, Kendal and Punchbowl Inn, Underbarrow to the list. CAMRA have made the process very much simpler recently and the forms for submitting arrive via email with much of the required information already filled in. We are finding this very encouraging, and look forward to more members submitting suggestions of pubs that would benefit from ACV status. This is just one measure that can help us protect pubs that provide a great service to the community around them, but is becoming an important focus for CAMRA as a campaigning organisation.

The CAMRA pages explaining how to list your local is CAMRA Save Your Local.

The South Lakeland District Council page is South Lakeland Community Right To Bid.

The Eden District Council page is Eden Community Right To Bid.