Westmorland Beer Festival

The following is the press release on the status of the Westmorland CAMRA Beer Festival

CAMRA Westmorland has found a silver lining where there could have been a dark cloud ahead. For some time there has been a question mark over how we keep continuity with the beer festival as there were no suitable dates at the venue for 2017 that are compatible with existing commitments of the team that run it.. With other longstanding, older activists hanging up their festival tee-shirts, there was the potential for the excellent run coming to an end. So, we’ve looked at clouds from both sides now (apologies to Joni Mitchell here) and come up with a great solution. For one year only, we will make ourselves available to other local beer festivals that follow CAMRA guidelines. By this we mean offering our volunteers to help out, and host a recruitment and information stall.

We are pleased to announce that the first local beer festival to come forward and offer us a “home” is The Factory Tap and Bowness Bay Brewing Company, who plan their first event in October this year. Here, we will even be able to hold our popular Best of the Westmorland Beer Competition during the event, showcasing all the wonderful breweries of Westmorland.

The dates of the Factory Tap Beer Festival will be Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 October.