Campaign for Real Ale

Branch Demographics

The Westmorland branch covers a very large area. The following table shows the population, area and current number of WhatPub entries serving real ale for each of the local election wards within the branch. The branch is spread over two Local Authority areas, South Lakeland (SL) and Eden (E), but does not have the entire area of either of these authorities. Therefore some of the wards are shared with other Cumbria CAMRA branches as shown, though the pubs in these wards appear to all be within the branch. The branch may also have a very small portion of the Greystoke ward in Eden, but no pubs.

The values for the Appleby-in-Westmorland and Kendal Town have been combined as a sub-total, as have the values for Eden and South Lakeland.

The population and area data was collected from https://www.citypopulation.de/en/uk/northwestengland/wards/ . The WhatPub information was collected on the 14/12/2019. The arrangement of the pubs to wards was done by hand and may not be 100% at the ward level as some pubs are on the boundaries between wards.

Council Ward Population Population % Sq KM Area % WhatPub WhatPub %
EAppleby (Appleby)11711.2%4.00.2%41.9%
EAppleby (Bongate)18992.0%3.60.1%20.9%
ECrosby Ravensworth13931.5%113.04.8%41.9%
EDacre (shared with Solway)14611.5%29.71.2%20.9%
EKirkby Stephen26752.8%114.04.8%73.3%
EKirkby Thore(shared with Solway)15051.6%47.22.0%10.5%
ELong Marton11691.2%132.05.6%20.9%
EOrton with Tebay14231.5%110.04.6%31.4%
EUllswater (shared with West Cumbria)13821.5%153.06.4%94.2%
SLAmbleside & Grasmere45874.8%141.05.9%3114.6%
SLArnside & Milnthorpe62336.6%33.71.4%83.8%
SLBowness & Levens58136.1%141.05.9%2612.2%
SLBurton & Crooklands59396.3%81.83.4%73.3%
SLKendal East65576.9%4.40.2%20.9%
SLKendal North42924.5%1.20.1%10.5%
SLKendal Rural60966.4%289.012.2%104.7%
SLKendal South & Natland60986.4%6.60.3%10.5%
SLKendal Town68777.2%4.70.2%3215.0%
SLKendal West67327.1%1.70.1%20.9%
SLSedburgh & Kirkby Lonsdale63256.7%301.012.7%198.9%
EAppleby-In Westmorland30703.2%7.60.3%62.8%
SLKendal (ex Rural)3055632.2%18.60.8%3817.8%
EEden Total2321624.5%1348.356.7%5827.2%
SLSouth Lakeland Total7173075.5%1029.943.3%15572.8%