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Appleby New Brewery / Westmorland

The Appleby New Brewery was started in 1979 by Bill Bell at Cross Croft in Appleby-in Westmorland. The name of the brewery changed to Westmorland after a takeover in 1980, and the brewery is listed as having one tied house in Lancaster in the Good Beer Guides at the time, with the Water Witch listed as serving one of the beers. Brewing is thought to have ended in 1984.

The beers known to have been brewed as Appleby New Brewery were:

  • Mild (og 1035)
  • Top Cross Bitter (og 1038)

The beers as Westmorland were:

  • Slater's Mild (og 1037)
  • Slater's Bitter (og 1037)
  • Cumberland Strong (og 1050)