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Departures at Hawkshead Brewery

Saturday 11 April 2020

According to the Hawkshead Brewery twitter feed, there have been a number of departures from the Hawkshead Brewery team.

" With sadness in our hearts today we see the departure of our Head Brewer Matt Clarke and Lead Brewer Mark Jackson. Matt has learn his craft and paved the way with nearly 15 years at Hawkshead Brewery and Mark came on board in 2008 and quickly became an integral part of Matts brew team - many adventures and amazing beers have been produced by these two talented brewers.

Alongside Matt and Mark we also see the departure of Michelle our Marketing Manager. Alex, Dave B, Kate & Howard from the Brew Team. Josh & Steve - the Draymen. Lou, Will, Gemma from our Sales Team."

Westmorland CAMRA wishes all those affected the best for the future.

See https://www.hawksheadbrewery.co.uk/ for details.